Global Business Start Up & Strategy


We apply strategic management concepts to grow and expand businesses while providing a framework within which organizations minimize risks and financial exposure during foreign expansion .  We can ascertain alternative modes of market entry, provide understanding for foreign environments and cultures, and design custom global strategies.

Business Intelligence With Data Based Decisioning

big data, tableau, visualization, analysis, statistics, business intelligence

Interpreting voluminous and varied data, is delivering true transformational value to every industry worldwide.  Most industries haven't discovered the potential of its data and how analytics could help drive business decisions. It has true business benefits, including new revenue opportunities, more effective marketing, better customer service, improved operational efficiency and competitive advantages over rivals. Automation of choices and speed of actions is at the confluence of data-driven insights and innovation.

Government Contracting

Doing business with nation states can be difficult if not almost impossible if you do not have the r

Doing business with any nation state can be difficult if not impossible if you do not have the necessary business & cultural  intelligence, credentials and certifications.  We can help you to successfully navigate this process  and mitigate many of the challenges associated with doing business in the government sector.

Design, Development & Implementation


We provide capacity for designing successful client engagements. Work environments are dramatically changing and team members may be spread across the globe.   By employing strategic and organizational frameworks, interpersonal and communications skills necessary for building trust and client confidence  we can design strategies or implement programs that have a consensus of stakeholder buy-in that deliver projects on-time and within budget.

Cultural Intelligence


We customize a leader level organizational approach to how people are managed in the contemporary global business environment and identify the  cross-cultural issues affect success in managing people.  We analyze the emerging contexts and models of organizations, emphasizing how organizational behavior is changing the roles of organizational culture and leadership as they impact organizational success so that we can authenticate  levers for enhancing employee motivation and approaches for optimizing reward systems and change management.

Organizational Optimization


Lean organizations are profitable organizations. We utilize six sigma, agile and scrum and other hybrid methodologies for improved process operations and efficiency.